Metastatic Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Mimicking Pancreatic Head Tumor: A Case Report
1Department of General Surgery, University of Health Sciences, Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Türkiye
J Clin Pract Res 2024; 46(3): 302-304 DOI: 10.14744/cpr.2024.56663
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Background: Metastatic masses in the pancreatic head are uncommon, and consensus on their optimal management is lacking. Although renal cell carcinomas are most commonly associated with pancreatic metastases, there are also reported instances of pancreatic metastases originating from lung cancer.
Case Report: A 65-year-old male presenting with jaundice underwent imaging studies, which revealed a mass in the pancreatic head. Subsequent imaging identified a 7 cm tumor in the left lung’s hilar region, originating from the bronchus. A bronchoscopic biopsy of this hilar mass confirmed small-cell lung carcinoma. Biopsy results from the pancreatic head mass, obtained through endoscopic ultrasound, confirmed it as a metastasis from the primary small-cell lung carcinoma. The patient commenced systemic chemotherapy.
Conclusion: In the differential diagnosis of pancreatic head masses, clinicians should consider the possibility of rare metastatic masses. The treatment for metastatic cases should be determined through a multidisciplinary approach.